About Greenmeister

Hi there! We are Greenmeister. With our online cannabis platform we take the lead to provide you as a consumer with the best possible information about coffeeshops, cannabisproducts and cannabisbrands. So that you always and everywhere know where to go for the best experience.

For the community

Greenmeister is exists for the cannabis community. We provide insight into quality, inform and bring people and brands together. On our platform you interact with your friends and like-minded people. Follow them and let them know what you consume, from which shop you buy it and what you think of it.

Together we create more openness. Normalization of cannabis and further professionalization of the cannabis industry: that is what we are committed to. How beautiful the world would be if people could enjoy the best strains anywhere, safely and legally.

Greenmeister is the place to go with all your questions about cannabis. Immerse yourself in the plant and discover what is wise. Because consuming cannabis is not without risks, we have created a page where you can go for advice. Consume consciously, then you enjoy the most.

Greenmeister is modernizing the cannabis industry by providing reliable and accessible information.


We do all this with a one hundred percent tech-driven mindset. Everything online β€” that's our strength, that's our DNA. Greenmeister is the largest online cannabis platform in the Netherlands. The next step is to become the number one in Europe and to provide everyone with the best information. A revolution in the cannabis world, Greenmeister goes for nothing less than that.

We can only achieve that together with you. Greenmeister is the vehicle, you are the driver. Thanks to your reviews and ratings, our platform is able to provide insight into the quality of coffee shops and cannabis products. The more you do that, the better other Greenmeister fans can make their choice. The cannabis community helps each other.

Greenmeister Dinner, 2020