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The Vaporizer Session

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The Vaporizer Session

The Vaporizer Session is a community-driven night for everything to do with cannabis vapes, whether you love to sip on your dry herb devices or take huge rips with an electronic dab rig, even if you have no experience or your own devices, we still welcome you to join us. Education is also a core part of The Vaporizer Session, we offer help to anyone who wishes to learn and discover more about an alternative way to consume your favourite plant. We bring a small range of different devices, or brand specific range to each night for anyone attending to sample and test out different devices they may not have had the opportunity to before.

The Vaporizer Session takes place the first Thursday every month at De Kade from 19.00 to 22.00.


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Let's get social
On 1 October 2022, Greenmeister launched its new version. Previously, the app only allowed you to find coffee shops. With the previous version, finding strains was added to that. With the latest version, it is also possible to find friends, brands and deals through Greenmeister. This way, you know exactly what all your friends have bought, where they bought it and what rating they gave it.

To introduce this new social feature to the public, Greenmeister, in collaboration with Mascotte, has organised a physical event for the cannabis community for the first time since the company was founded in 2019.

For the community
The aim of the event was to bring the community together and create a place where every stoner feels at home. This was achieved by bringing together cannabis, skate, fashion, food and music under the name: Stoney Hawk Cup.

It is not a question of whether this event will be repeated, but when. Reactions from visitors were super positive and that cannot but mean that this event will be repeated by the organisers. Be quick next time because tickets were sold out in no time this time.

Greenmeister and Mascotte went all out and a seriously good line-up was programmed.

  • ADF Samski

  • Ray Fuego

  • Bizzey

  • Boatism

  • Chance di Finesse

  • Pantonepapi

Want to be there next time? Then keep a close eye on Greenmeister's Instagram page: @greenmeister_en

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Latest Greenmeister Merch: Never Really Lost

Greenmeister is launching a high-end streetwear line. Developed for the conscious stoner, the line is called 'Never Really Lost'. The designs were developed by renowned Balinese tattoo artist July Arthaya.

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