About Greenmeister

Greenmeister modernises recreational cannabis use by providing insight into quality. This is only possible with the help of our users. With the help of reviews, ratings and additions from visitors. With Greenmeister we not only want to map every coffeeshop in the Netherlands, but also every strain and the quality of the products, all gathered in one place.

How does Greenmeister work?

Greenmeister makes it possible to easily find a coffeeshop (cannabis dispensary) or a certain strain of cannabis. You can find a coffeeshop or a cannabis strain based on name, location, province or based on your current location. On the page of every coffeeshop it is then possible to review the coffeeshop. In addition to reviewing the coffeeshop as a whole, the range of products on its menu can also be assessed individually on a scale of 1 to 5.

To keep all information up-to-date, it is possible for users to make adjustments to the information of unverified coffeeshops. On the page of such a coffeeshop, visitors can, for example, adjust the address, opening times or the menu of the coffeeshop. In order to monitor quality, all adjustments must first be approved manually before they appear on the website. Verified coffeeshops, marked with a blue checkmark, are being kept up-to-date manually by Greenmeister. The information of these coffeeshops is always correct.

How are coffeeshops verified?

At Greenmeister, a distinction is made between normal and verified coffeeshops. Anyone can add a coffeeshop for free. This coffeeshop can then be updated (eg opening hours, menu, ratings and services) by Greenmeister users - this is a 'normal' coffeeshop. Verified shops are coffeeshops where the Greenmeister team itself keeps the information displayed up-to-date (think of facilities, photos, menu, etc.). Because this information has been checked, we know for sure that it is correct and up-to-date and users can no longer change it. Verified coffeeshops can be recognized by the blue check mark next to the name. Are you the owner of a coffeeshop, or do you work at one? Click here to contact us.

Why do some coffeeshops have more ratings than reviews / comments?

There are two reasons for this: first, the previous version of Greenmeister offered the option of rating coffeeshops without commenting. To keep the information as complete as possible, we have included these ratings in the current version. Secondly, we remove comments that violate our guidelines (if they are hateful, discriminate, etc). The rating given by the person posting such a comment will not be deleted in such a case.

Collaborate with Greenmeister

Greenmeister is open to collaborations with parties that represent the same interests; modernizing legal or tolerated (recreational) cannabis use in the Netherlands, through reliable information provision.


For further questions please visit our contact page.

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