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VapoShop is an online shop with a distribution centre in Amsterdam. We have over 8 years of experience in vaporiser sales and strive to offer only the best desktop and portable vaporisers.

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Vaporising (or vaporising) is a term used for heating herbs, oils or flowers to a temperature at which the active substances are released in vapour. Combustion creates smoke, containing various harmful by-products. A vaporiser does not burn the material, so the flavour is much better preserved and the resulting vapour contains significantly fewer (if any) harmful substances.

At VapoShop, we are convinced of the benefits of vaporising. We therefore like to present our vaporisers in a manner similar to other regular 'household' items, free of stigma. We believe that this technology should be accessible to everyone, whether used medicinally or recreationally.

Our product range is carefully curated by a small team of vaporiser enthusiasts. We see it as our mission to offer the latest models from trusted manufacturers, so you don't have to waste your money on faulty products. When you buy a vaporiser from VapoShop, you can be confident that you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality product.

Best deals

  • Cookies x Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

    Cookies x Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

    Stündenglass collaborated with a number of industry legends to develop special editions of their Gravity Hookah, such as rapper and Cookies founder Berner. Get it now at a huge discount!

    € 359,97

  • PAX 3 - Latest Vape

    PAX 3 - Latest Vape

    Get this super stylish, portable vape at the lowest price! Warm up in 15sec and tweak the heating settings exactly how you want with the included app.

    € 169,00

  • Mighty Vape with Halloween Discount

    Mighty Vape with Halloween Discount

    The is latest version of the Mighty at the best price! This vaporiser comes out fantastic from every test and is a must-have for the true Greenmeister.

    € 299,00

  • Volcano Classic Gold 20 Year Special Edition

    Volcano Classic Gold 20 Year Special Edition

    Now with HIGH DISCOUNT a very special vape from Storz & Bickel: a gold Volcano Classic! With this beauty, vaping becomes a real luxury.

    € 389,00


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