Lange Hezelstraat 113-a, Nijmegen



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Bad shop. The guy behind the counter who was wearing a mask because of Corona asked for my ID, but I didn't hear him properly because I'm a little hard of hearing so I asked him to repeat it. He refused to repeat it at first, so I asked him again to repeat what he said. Then immediately he became angry and shouted: "ID, I'm asking for ID! DON'T FUCK WITH ME! I will kick your fucking ass!" I said: "Oooh, id or identification card, I hadn't heard you properly," and I showed my id. The guy threw the weed and those blue cards they have there over the counter and kept berating me. "Get the fuck out of here before I kick your ass!" I said: "There's no need to get so angry. I simply didn't hear you correctly," but this did not de-escalate the situation. Instead he almost came after me and kept shouting and threatening. Worst service ever.


Good weed and hash for good prices. Best place to hang, cheaply priced food and drinks(while still of good quality). Nicest staff and customers in the city, a big variety of board games and two dartboards.


Gisteren 14 5 . Hars gekocht. Maroc midden klas 7.50 eur. Waardeloos erg vies bij smaakje .zeer herkenbaar bij de allergoedkoopste hars ?. Tempel Afgaan hoe durven ze het te verkopen. Waardeloos het stinkt smaakt helemaal niet naar Tempel Afgaan. Ben zelf aan de grens geweest van Afgaan. En heb daar . Echte Tempel. En gewoon Afgaan gerookt . Wat Dakota verkoopt komt absoluut niet in de buurt. Schaam jullie!. Dusty


Nice shop to have a sitting with social prices when it comes to food and drinks.


Nice Coffeeshop Very good Milkshakes