Down Under

Hammolenweg 15, Kerkrade



easy parking smoking area tourists allowed pay by card Information hasn't been verified by Greenmeister.

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High commercial shop with mostly foreigner visitors. Quality can change by the hour. There are better shops nearby (Heerlen). Shop smart your smoke somewhere else and go here to have a sit and a drink.


Matige wiet en hasj, heel duur en gericht op buitenlandse klandizie van onze buurlanden. Geen aanrader


This coffee shop is quite something. The vibes on the inside were great, also the lady that served me was very friedly but, here it comes. They have just a very, very limited amount of strains you can choose from. I bought a pre-rolled joint and the only selection they had is: - Hash joint - Weed joint - Haze joint I No choice of strain what so ever (I bought the weed joint) and if i would just buy a gram of weed i'd had a choice from only 3 different kind of stains. When I asked the lady behind the counter what kind of weed I was buying she said: Just normal weed. So basically I had no idea what weed I was smoking. So basically, the place is great, and very friendly staff but the actual reason why you'd go there (weed) is not great at all.


I'm not sure if it was becouse I'm foreign or by default, but it was pricey and not even working. Low quality, smells bad, tastes bad. Never again. Avoid.


Das schlechteste Cannabis, welches ich je erworben habe, stammt von hier! Asche war pechschwarz & wurde sofort steinhart! Dieser Shop zieht nicht nur reihenweise das Geld aus den Taschen der Grenztouristen sondern gefährdet auch sehr stark die Gesundheit ihrer Kunden durch die Streckmittel in ihren Produkten! Falls jemand doch noch diese Örtlichkeiten auf suchen sollte, achtet doch mal darauf, was das Personal hier raucht und zwar ausschließlich Zigaretten! Warum wohl?!