Responsible Use

Conscious, moderate and sensible use of cannabis

Responsible cannabis use

If you don't want to take any risks, don't use cannabis. To limit risks as much as possible, we want to inform you as good as possible about the use of cannabis.

Cannabis is a no-go if:

  • You're underage.
  • You want to get pregnant, are pregnant or are breastfeeding.
  • You are mentally vulnerable or have mental health problems. If so, you are at greater risk for cannabis psychosis. Cannabis use can make an existing psychotic disorder worse.
  • You have lung or heart problems. Smoking cannabis is harmful to your lungs. It also causes your blood pressure to drop and your heart rate to speed up.
  • You are in a public place or if minors are present. Nobody wants problems with neighbors or police. Consume in a place where you do not cause any inconvenience.

What can you do to limit risks?

  • Only buy in a coffeeshop and get advice from an employee of the coffeeshop.
  • Use only if you feel good physically and mentally. On a β€œbad” day, cannabis is likely to make you feel even worse.
  • Use in moderation: not every day, but occasionally on a special occasion.
  • Use only for fun, not to suppress problems or to impress other people.
  • Leave your car, moped or bicycle aside if you have used it.
  • Do not use during or before school, study or work.
  • Do you feel bad, confused or anxious after consuming cannabis? Don't panic, it often goes away on its own within an hour. Eat or drink something sweet and find a quiet place.

House rules for coffeeshops

  • Follow the house rules drawn up by the coffeeshop at all times.
  • Bring a valid ID with you (passport, driver's license or ID card) so that the coffeeshop can check whether you are over 18 years old.
  • Possession or sale of hard drugs and alcohol is strictly prohibited in a coffeeshop.
  • It is legal to buy 5 grams of cannabis per day at the coffeeshop. It is therefore not allowed to have more than 5 grams of cannabis in your pocket in public and in the shop.
  • Intimidation, discrimination, aggression and violence are not allowed in the coffeeshop.
  • Tobacco legislation does not make it possible to smoke cigarettes or shag in a coffeeshop.
  • Make sure you don't cause a nuisance. Don't hang around a shop, don't leave trash lying around and be social with other people.
  • Are you coming by car, moped or bicycle? Make sure it is properly parked. It is very annoying for those living near a shop to be confronted with illegal parkers.

Links for more info:

  • For expert help with addiction: Jellinek
  • For effects and risks of cannabis: Trimbos-instituut
  • Contact the GP in case of mental complaints and/or depression